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MSATT for VDR and Asterisk News

Picture of Mike Parker of MSATTThank you for visiting Mike & Shirley's

Advanced Training Technique (MSATT).

This is the website for finding out interesting information about VDR, Asterisk, and VOIP. If I find it interesting it is here.
MSATT was formed by Michael Parker and Shirley Tang and is based in the UK, Singapore and Malaysia.
Originally the company traded as Advanced Training Technique and provided training to South East Asia.
2014 Another BT price rise
Written by Administrator   

2014 and another BT price rise.


Yes they have done it again - From January 2014 prices go up.


Line rental is going up to £15.99 per month

Set-up fee increases to 14.76p.

Daytime landline calls increase to 8.95p per minute.

That means a typical 10 minute call with BT will cost over a pound.

This is with NO free-calls !!!


At least by using msatt VOIP services we have free evening and weekend calls.

Rental is £5.25 per month.

Set-up is 3p

Calls to landlines during the day cost 0.1p per minute (1/10th of a penny).

So for us a 10 minute call will cost 4p instead of a pound.

Landline or Mobile ?
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Get a free Giffgaff Sim I know I have mentioned Giffgaff (Gg)before but they are introducing a new goodybag.


I believe this marks the start of Gg taking on the big boys in the mobile world as well as getting people seriously considering the cost of their landline.

2013 BT Another Price rise
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From for 5th of January 2013 BT have bumped up their prices.

The standard line rental price has increased from £14.60 to £15.45 per month.

The set-up fee price has increased from 13.1p to 13.87p

The daytime pence per minute price has increased from 7.95p to 8.41p

The evening pence per minute price has increased from 1.05p to 1.11p

This means you are paying more per month and making a one second call during the day costs (13.87+8.41) a massive 22.28p

Switching over to voip can make massive savings on your call charges and switching providers can dramatically reduce your line rental.

BT price rise - mobiles are cheaper !!
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giffgaff-logoIf you are a normal BT customer, from the 1st of October there will be another price rise on top of your April price rise making an overall increase of over 20% in a year :smileysurprised:




BT price rises are :-


Monthly line rental will increase by 50p / month
Connection charge will increase from 9.9p to 10.9p
Daytime rate rises from 5.9p to 6.4p / minute.

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