Setting up Sipgate in Asterisk

Sipgate logoMany people (myself included) do struggle when initially trying to use Sipgate on their Asterisk system - especially when going through a NAT firewall.

After a lot of reading and testing, I am content with the following setup.

The key to getting the system to work reliably without getting one way transmission problems is to allocate ports for each sipgate trunk.

On my PABX I have 4 standard sipgate numbers, and I use one of them for outgoing calls while the others are purely for incoming.

To avoid NAT problems make sure that your /etc/asterisk/sip_nat.conf contains




Where x.x.x.x = your 'public' IP address.

Lets start by seeing a working incoming and outgoing trunk Freepbx setup :-

Sipgate Config

In Outgoing settings, make sure you have fromuser and username are set to your sipgate id.
Enter context=from-trunk in Outgoing settings if you do not allow anonymous sip calls.